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Forensic Healing is one of the fastest growing natural healing systems in the world, with the public interest to match. We have the most professional and far-reaching marketing campaigns in the industry with targeted traffic and genuine public interest growing daily. Word-of-mouth referral are extremely high with Forensic Healing and our directory will attract new clients for your new therapy business.

We do not list the thousands of practitioners that have attended Forensic Healing courses. We only list our top practitioners who are fully qualified, proficient and committed to their therapy business. One exception are student listings solely to obtain case studies for certification.

We go for quality, not quantity and it shows in the results.

  • We would love you to be part of our goal to heal the world through healing others
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  • We keep a high standard and work with universal laws to ensure everyone that connects with Forensic Healing has an enjoyable and high energy experience of support, growth and love

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massage Forensic Healer listings are for diploma-qualified Forensic Healers only. You’ll be able to add a listing for each of your clinic locations. Please list legitimate locations only and you’ll be able to add your website and social links as well.

Forensic Healers with Soul module have studied all 6 modules of the Forensic Healing system including SOUL, the newest and most powerful addition to the Forensic Healing Pathways to get you off the Matrix. It addresses every aspect of the soul and DNA blueprint to activate spontaneous healing, transformations and wholeness.

speaker Forensic Healing Assistant listings are are experienced in understanding Forensic Healing concepts…On top of your clinic locations, you can add a listing for each of your assisting locations. As well as your website and social links, we allow you to use a short video.

educationStudent listings allow for just enough information so you can obtain your case studies that are required to get fully qualified as a Forensic Healer.